For more than 60 years, the company FOURNIER has met the most demanding needs of its clients. FOURNIER offers a complete range of animal housing equipments from flooring systems (such as concrete and plastic slats, concrete and fiberglass beams) to feeding systems (such as troughs and feeders) and pens (PVC, polypro and concrete).


  • Concrete and polyester troughs and buddles
  • Concrete and stainless steel drinkers
  • Stainless steel feeders
  • Concrete feeders and accessories
  • Granule/liquid feeders
  • Stainless steel short trough


  • Concrete slats for dry sows
  • Concrete slats for farrowing
  • Concrete/plastic floors for nurseries and post weaning rooms
  • Concrete slats for fattening rooms
  • Special slats and other products


  • Penning system for nursery with PVC pannels
  • Penning sytem for post-weaning rooms
  • Penning system for fattening rooms
  • Concrete panel system for sow pens
  • Concrete panel system for boar pens
  • Two part concrete penning system “Bibloc”


  • PVC doors
  • Polypropylene and cement wood board doors

Beams and Ground beams

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Drinking systems for pig productions and watering solutions
  • Glue and various equipments
  • Other equipments and bolting